- Mac SMC Reset shown at MacBook Air

Mac SMC Reset shown at MacBook Air

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  • why would they tell me to do this if my charger doesn't fucking work
  • Should there be a notification of this saying that its been reset once the macbook turns back on? Because I'm not sure if it has actually worked
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  • bro i have the same fucking problem the fan goes on very well even i can hear it but the screen didn't on please help :(
  • My macbook air turns on when I press Power button and hold it....any solutions?
  • Nice vid, thanks. You sound a bit like kim dotcom lol
  • woow man thank you so much.
  • Hi! I have this same problem. I can hear the fan but nothing more. This happened two days ago and I tried the reset and it worked, but today the same problem occured and it doesn't! Someone help please. :(
  • Thank you so much! This worked straight away and stopped me from a lot of hassle.
  • Does not work!
  • Very useful thx
  • There's more than one way to SMC reset depending on what product you have. See there to know how to do it properly.
  • thank you very much you help me full
  • I did this, I heard the reboot sound, but nothing appeared in my screen
  • Thank you so much! My mac just decided to turn on with the fan and not display/charge the battery so I was freaking out. Thank you for the help!
  • You're welcome :)
  • Jeśli szukasz czegoś więcej, zobacz i sam oceń czy ciekawe.